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“USA Liberty Arms is a place where knowledge and open friendliness merge to provide you with an enjoyable firearm purchasing experience. We strive to have outstanding prices, phenomenal customer service, and an inventory to match the needs of both the new and lifelong firearms enthusiast. It is our passion to not only provide a wide selection of the most popular guns and accessories to the Front Range area, but also to educate, familiarize, and ensure confidence in your new firearm by answering any and all questions pertaining to its use, cleaning, and safe handling. We are your friendly neighborhood gun shop!”

-The USA Liberty Arms Team


adjective tac·ti·cal \ˈtak-ti-kəl\

  • : of, relating to, or used for a specific plan that is created to achieve a particular goal in war, politics, etc.


noun de·fense \di-ˈfen(t)s; as antonym of “offense,” often ˈdē-ˌ\
  • : the act of defending someone or something from attack

  • : something that is used to protect yourself, your country, etc.

  • : the act of speaking or writing in support of someone or something that is being attacked or criticized


noun hunt·ing \ˈhən-tiŋ\

  • : the activity or sport of chasing and killing wild animals

  • : the activity of searching for something

The Finest of Firearms

USA Liberty Arms is a top Fort Collins shop, that services all of Colorado and beyond, for the finest in firearms, including the best weapons for home defense, tactical application, hunting and sport, alongside plenty more for all other purposes. From the complicated recoil control mitigation systems of Kriss brand firearms to the traditional and time tested design of the Colt 1911, USA Liberty Arms has it all.

The Finest Firearms Dealer in Colorado


USA Liberty Arms is dedicated to providing Colorado and surrounding areas with the best customer service, selection of firearms and sporting goods; bringing the finest in firearms, the top of tactical equipment, and the holy grails of hunting. Located in Southeast Fort Collins, USA Liberty Arms has been providing a wide variety of arms to the people of Colorado. Locally owned, managed, and staffed, USA Liberty Arms offers superior quality and service.

At USA Liberty Arms, it is our mission to provide both top quality shooting equipment and the best customer experience. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

I have nothing but good to say about this friendly, knowledgeable group of guys. They have great prices and tons of top notch guns always in stock. Made me feel real welcome. All my questions were answered even if they were dumb….I SPENT A HALF DAY IN HERE WITH THESE GUYS….I think I found a life long relationship with this place. I went in looking for 1 ar-15 and walked out with 2 different ones plus a bag full of accessories… Couldn’t help myself… Deals were 2 good to pass up…. Eventually the LWRC WILL BE MINE!!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!

Chris Jenkins

I have been to a lot of firearm/pawn stores, this store is by far my favorite so far. I got a great deal on an AR and all there firearms seem to be priced fairly. Most importantly their customer service is great, all the employees that helped me today were very friendly, courteous and bottom line, cool people. I hope to do business again soon with liberty arms. Thanks

Jake Antone

Just purchased a new Glock 21 Gen4 and a Blackhawk! CC holster to go with it. From the time I walked in the door until I left I was treated extremely well by Connor and the rest of the staff. They answered all my questions and it was more like being with family instead of a store. I live in Loveland but the trip up there is well worth it for their service and better pricing all around. Will be doing more business there for sure.

George Shileikis

Great store. Bought a bunch of pmags, 5.56 and .22LR ammo from them. Got home and realized they had charged me for 3 boxes of the 5.56 ammo and I only got two. I called ’em back and explained what happened; I figured they’d blow me off with a “so sorry, you should have checked everything before leaving the store”, but no, guy I talked to said mistakes happen, come back and we’ll get you the ammo. They didn’t know me from Adam; it was my first time shopping there. Definitely won’t be the last.

Ken Lindsley